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Travel Information

International Travel

American students traveling to France for a semester or longer need a passport and a student visa. It is your responsibility to obtain a visa, and all incoming students are advised to read through visa materials carefully. Students should apply early for their passport; however, you can only apply for a visa three months before the start of classes in France.

Participants will receive instructions and documentation from the Office of Global Services to present to the French consulate and should not attempt to obtain the visa until that time. Students of other nationalities are responsible for consulting not only the U.S. and French authorities, but also the embassy or consul of their own country with regard to regulations for entering and leaving France and returning to the United States. Find out which French Consulate has jurisdiction in your region.

General Climate Conditions

Students are urged to travel light but to bring a good deal of warm clothing to Paris. Although the temperature seldom drops below 30ºF, the climate is frequently chilly, damp, and rainy in the winter. A good supply of sweaters is recommended, particularly since heating standards differ throughout Europe.